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Welcome to Avalon's Chosen new forums. If you are wishing to join Avalon's Chosen. Please go to Town Hall Tab and Recruitment section or Use the Link in Recruitement Status Side bar link for Application Form . Thank you LOAC Staff
Avalon's Chosen would like to welcome our new member Cycloptix and Dielectra. We look forward to many adventures with you all.
Congrats to our members that have been promoted to Munifex. Eshu, Rieku, Caldenfor, Favrin, Mommyof2girls, Cherub, Kataya, and Decesare great job you all keep up the good work.
Notice. current issues with log off button.. temp fix is a small log off button under AC crest. Also Firfox will not auto log you out like IE does for some.

Welcome to Avalon’s Chosen

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to Avalon's Chosen. This is an Elyos Legion in Aion. We are a growing and energetic legion, founded by a core of real life friends and family who are long time gamers and have previously built large and successful guilds.

We are currently forming a new strong and supportive legion in Aion. Follow us into this vast new world! Are you looking to take your gaming to the next level? Avalon’s Chosen may be the place for you! We will dive into the heart of the PVPVE system. Encompassing all aspects of the game is the best way to gain the glory and rewards of the system.

We seek to form a legion that can work well with each other and grow together. The founding eight leaders form the core of this legion and will be there from start to finish helping all members and running events. Each leader has vast knowledge and has been handpicked for their abilities in running events successfully and professionally. We are a more mature legion; our real life ages run from 18 to 60. Most of us are married or have small children, so we understand that you have real life issues to attend to at times. We have all been there. We are building from ground up and accepting all classes. We are getting together at each beta and working together. Submit an application to join us on this new and exciting adventure.

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Lets welcome our new Officer Eshu
8/13/2009, 05:07 by Garthural
He has been with us for awhile and has been proactive in many areas of legion affairs. And with that we welcome Eshu to our legion officer ranks.


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Congrats to Our new officer.
8/1/2009, 00:38 by Garthural
We welcome our new officer Maxxy as our newest officer to our ranks. She will be a fine officer and we a proud to have her amoungst us.

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Offical Legion Rank 2
7/20/2009, 19:14 by Garthural
Congrats Everyone in Avalon's Chosen we have official pulled together and are now a legion rank 2. Just momment's befor close of this beta weekend we have secured the legion rank 2 upgrade. Congrats everone.


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Matters that Need to be address.
7/24/2009, 21:11 by Garthural
There is been some folks that have had some questions arise that need to be addressed.

During some of our beta's members where looking for parties and/or groups. But as people posted or asked on vent for group. There seems to be a bit of confusion or some thing. For the asking members where not getting any response. And so they may get the impression that they are being left out or avoided. …

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Solution to our file xfer problems
7/21/2009, 17:17 by Anonymous
Ok ladies and gents to be able to xfer videos and files so i can do our graphics for the site.

first get a windows live account Id *preferably) with your ingame username.
second (optional) get windows messanger and add dirty-devil@live.com to your friends list.
third on the windows live account for the SKY DRIVE and dirty-devil to your network. tihs way you can put your movies (50) meg …

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Topics Relocating
7/12/2009, 20:15 by Garthural
In order to better organize the forums i am moving this around. So if you see your post disappear where it was originally then it may of been relocated. And some topics that are dead will be pruned.


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Support for Legion
7/9/2009, 16:33 by Admin
Ladies and Gents of Avalon's Chosen. ON live day we need to pull together with every one and give Garthural all the money we can get. Its going to cost us 200K to get to lvl 2 Legion and we need that to support our growing membership. Keep that in mind for the first couple of days come live.

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1. All members will treat themselves and each other with respect.
2. There will be no cheating, hacking, boting, gold farming, or RMT.
3. Real life (RL) comes before game life (GL). Most of the guild officers and leaders are family folk. We don’t want to see anyone sacrifice their RL for their GL. Meaning: please don’t risk your health, family, friends, work, school for the game... this is just a game and it will be here when your RL affairs are done.
4. There is to be no kill stealing or training mobs within our faction.
5. All members will be required to use Vent when playing. Listening in will allow for smooth communication.
6. Legion website usage is mandatory to allow for scheduling events, to see what is going on in the legion and find help in areas you may need.
7. We recruit by account. This means that you can only belong to Avalon’s Chosen and no other legion at the same time. We are willing to devote time and resources to help you. Also,we want to know who is available for events and if your characters are in multiply legions there is too much room for scheduling conflict.
8. All new recruits are on probation for 2 weeks before becoming full members.
9. After two weeks probation period you will be allowed one alt into main legion.
10. Be respectful to other players and legions. Issues with another person or legion should be brought to the legion leader or officer and we will attend to the matters.
11. We would like you to be focused to Aion and not flip flopping to other MMORPGS as this limits your time and availability.
12. Our official language is English (forums, legion, & ally chat) in game and on Vent, mostly because our core only knows English.
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