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 Matters that Need to be address.

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PostSubject: Matters that Need to be address.   7/24/2009, 21:11

There is been some folks that have had some questions arise that need to be addressed.

During some of our beta's members where looking for parties and/or groups. But as people posted or asked on vent for group. There seems to be a bit of confusion or some thing. For the asking members where not getting any response. And so they may get the impression that they are being left out or avoided. So Please if you see in game chat or hear on vent a person asking about a group or doing some thing. Please be kind and respond even if it is delayed response since some may be in fight.

Also please and i know this has been a concern to a lot of folks from past games. We are not a click'ish legion/guild we need to all try to be active with each members the best we can be. I know there will be leveling gaps that happens but even those at higher levels can find a way to help out the lower folks as well. But by no means is this going to be a power leveling legion. But we are a helping legion. Meaning that we wont power level you thru the game but will help you kill tougher mobs for a quest or two at a time. For you have to be able to play your character thru the knowledge you gain by leveling it up and learning. But you will not learn those skill's by being dragged thru the game by a higher level power grinding you.

I as legion leader have to make sure I keep things in order for I personally have been at fault some times in prior cases on these. So this is a learning curve for all. And as legion leader it is my responsibilty that I make sure our stand point on issues are clear.

I hope you all understand the need for this post,



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Matters that Need to be address.
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