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 Legion Point system Official Post

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PostSubject: Legion Point system Official Post   7/31/2009, 17:25

Greetings everyone today I would like to discuss the Point system that we will be using to help determine things such as promotion’s and special recognition. Our founder Dirty-Devil was kind enough to put together a great xml spread sheet. In which it breaks down everyone in the groups ranks. And allows us to input information such as donation’s (currency),PvE events attendance, PvP events attendance. I will break this each down in a moment. However pleases understand that these are not soul reason’s that you will get promoted this is just a way for the legion command staff has an idea of your participation level. We still evaluate on you attitude in game and on vent and your interacting with other legion members.

Ok now the three tracking criteria.
PvE: You will be awarded 1 point for signing up (if applicable) and attending a legion planned event. However if you sign up and don’t show you will be awarded -1 point. PvE events are as follows: Harvesting parties, Dungeon runs, Elite spawn monster farming, Raid Runs.
PvP: You will be awarded 1 point for signing up (if applicable) and attending a legion planned event. However if you sign up and don’t show you will be awarded -1 point. PvP events are as follows: Rift jumping Zerg’s / Group’s, Keep sieges, Abyss Zerg’s/ Group’s, Artifact sieges, PvP open raid dungeons.
Donations: You will receive points for donations currently system is under coin donation formula. Currently 10k gives you .75 points. As far as donations of other sources will be assessed individually for a value and be added to currency total.

This is the current system in current state of our growth as a legion. This is can expand at a later time and any changes will be announced.
Q. Is this a DKP system?
A. No this is not a DKP system for the legion, this is a system for the leaders can see where participation in legion activity’s are being utilized and how a donation system is working for the legion. To allow us a better view to see individuals who are moving and shaking in the legion and recognize them for there efforts and to possibly promote at a later time.
Q. Well if I donate goods to legion will I get AH or Vendor price for item or item’s added to my currency total?
A. Each item will be assessed a percentage estimated value on the item or item’s donated. However it is also based if it is item that will be consumed internally in legion via crafting, upgradable, consumable. However this does not apply to legion crafters who are legion supported. Meaning if they craft legion items to be placed in bank for legion use from legion mats then it was already donated prior so it was accounted for in prior totals.

I hope this makes is understandable by all if there is any more questions please feel free to ask.



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PostSubject: Re: Legion Point system Official Post   7/31/2009, 20:31

sounds good, we'll just need to somehow indicate how much each item put into the bank will earn someone and we should be set. And this point system's main goal is to keep track of participation in the guild it seems?
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Legion Point system Official Post
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