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Welcome to Avalon's Chosen new forums. If you are wishing to join Avalon's Chosen. Please go to Town Hall Tab and Recruitment section or Use the Link in Recruitement Status Side bar link for Application Form . Thank you LOAC Staff
Avalon's Chosen would like to welcome our new member Cycloptix and Dielectra. We look forward to many adventures with you all.
Congrats to our members that have been promoted to Munifex. Eshu, Rieku, Caldenfor, Favrin, Mommyof2girls, Cherub, Kataya, and Decesare great job you all keep up the good work.
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 Rules and Conduct

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PostSubject: Rules and Conduct   7/9/2009, 00:13

These are the rules of Avalon’s Chosen legion. The rules will be enforced.

1. All members will treat themselves and each other with respect.
2. There will be no cheating, hacking, boting, gold farming, or RMT.
3. Real life (RL) comes before game life (GL). Most of the guild officers and leaders are family folk. We don’t want to see anyone sacrifice their RL for their GL. Meaning: please don’t risk your health, family, friends, work, school for the game... this is just a game and it will be here when your RL affairs are done.
4. There is to be no kill stealing or training mobs within our faction.
5. All members will be required to use Vent when playing. Listening in will allow for smooth communication.
6. Legion website usage is mandatory to allow for scheduling events, to see what is going on in the legion and find help in areas you may need.
7. We recruit by account. This means that you can only belong to Avalon’s Chosen and no other legion at the same time. We are willing to devote time and resources to help you. Also,we want to know who is available for events and if your characters are in multiply legions there is too much room for scheduling conflict.
8. All new recruits are on probation for 2 weeks before becoming full members.
9. After two weeks probation period you will be allowed one alt into main legion.
10. Be respectful to other players and legions. Issues with another person or legion should be brought to the legion leader or officer and we will attend to the matters.
11. We would like you to be focused to Aion and not flip flopping to other MMORPGS as this limits your time and availability.
12. Our official language is English (forums, legion, & ally chat) in game and on Vent, mostly because our core only knows English.

Looting rules

1. During a Full legion Party normal play, all greens and up are need before greed system for class you are playing in party. If no one needs and no one can use then it will be rolled for.

2. During Full legion Dungeon and Raids all greens will be treated as party rules. All drops higher than greens will be need before greed for the class that you are playing. If drop is not needed then the item will go into Legion Bank for future disbursement. The leader of group is responsible for depositing item. If they don’t have access at the time, they are to contact officer or legion leader to assist.

Legion Bank Rules

1. If you need something from the legion bank, please ask a someone who has access if you can have. Withdrawls are allowed for items for you to wear and crafting stuff for a build item for you.
2. Donations are not mandatory to bank. However, donations will allow the legion to grow faster. Also, for it to be a fair system for all, one cannot expect to keep on withdrawing without donating some as well.
3. Any theft from the legion bank will be grounds for immediate removal from the legion.
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Rules and Conduct
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